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Cyko KO:  Animated

The cast of Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries, Tina Majorino and Haylie Duff) reunite in this retro-inspired, brand new cartoon pilot of a stunt motorcyclist turned SuperEarth's greatest hero!


These are a collection of digital drops on the Theta network that are Cyko KO related. New to these?
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Cyko Headz

Cyko Headz are collectibles spawned on the Theta blockchain and based on the hit comic, Cyko KO! Fused from hundreds of assets in the Cyko universe!

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Meemop Mania

Meemop Mania is a generative NFT project of 888 Meemop mints through OpenTheta, each unique with vintage animation inspired faces, colors and accessories. 

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Cyko KO TV Star Cards

This 3-card pack of Cyko KO TV Star Cards has all of your favorite characters from the first ever Cyko KO animated pilot (in development) and serves as your exclusive ticket to access, watch and earn through Replay’s Rewarded TV. 

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Cyko KO Wax Card Set

Cut from the panels of the popular comic series, SuperEarth's greatest hero is here!These collectible NFT cards are playable through!

W3 Cyko Games

These are Cyko KO games which require the above NFTs to access, play and earn!
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Beat Blorto
Cyko Headz NFT Game

Evil Blorto has taken over Headz Jungle Island and now the Headz need to get it back! See if you can Beat Blorto using certain NFTs to win airdrops and prizes! Need a Cyko Headz to play?

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Maze Mayhem
OpenTheta NFT Game

Play this 80's inspired maze game by using your own Open Theta Meepy by trying to outsmart Hexo Disko and his gang of malevolent Meepies! Need a Meepy to play?

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TV Star Cards 
A Card Game Using TV Star Cards

Use your Cyko KO TV Star Cards from Replay to play this Crazy Eights-inspired game! Earn CYK token and see how you can use your NFTs to amp up your game!

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Rob Feldman

I'm a Ringo-Award nominated comic book creator, animation producer and Theta TV streamer best known for my print and online creations, Cyko KO and Newgrounds series, Dr. Shroud. When I’m not drawing or talking someone’s ear off, I'm exploring the emerging blockchain landscape of digital collectibles, finding exciting new hazy IPAs and attempting to uncover the elusive, yet perfect, one-bite pizza.

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